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insTa gratification

Girls, Girls...Girls? I don’t often find myself speaking on social issues regarding gender. It can be very controversial subject matter, filled with many complex opinions. When making attempts explaining a point of view, the chances of getting crucified for it are pretty good. So I tend to shy away...But not today! #imfeelinglucky

The dawn of social media has forever changed how we live our daily lives. We’re all connected, instantly. Yes indeed, very cool. But are there any casualties? Is there a downside to it all?

Engaging in Social media is a lot of fun and for the most part, harmless. But when does it cross a line? When is an image you post, ‘just having fun’ or when is it damaging? Men and women both share in this new age of narcissism; and its number one asset, the glorious selfie. This somehow became the new norm. We’re so desensitised to it, that we don’t really notice the over sexualized nature in some of these images. It’s as if we’re socially starving with a full plate of food, consuming empty calories and somehow convinced ourselves it's all nutritious.

The media already does a wonderful job of exploiting the idea of body image around the clock, especially women’s. Do we really need to reinforce it on social media?

Social media is riddled with scantily clad imagery. This is a growing trend and age is not discriminated. One can argue that there is nothing wrong with the images themselves only in our perception of them. Granted, but is there any harm in it? Is the message a positive one or can it be unintentionally hurtful? What are we ultimately saying and what behaviour are we teaching?

I think of words like feminism, is it just a word? Is it just an old noble idea that somehow lost its way, or is it a movement heading forward on exact course.

Feminism: The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

When I hear the word feminism I think of Malala, the girl who refused to be silenced and fought for her right to have an education; while her country was under Taliban control. She was shot for her ideology but survived and inspired the world. But I guess the right to post ‘hot a selfie’ at the beach, is just as valid as Malala’s right for an education...? #imsohot #bestdayeva #blessed #warped...?

Do I have it all wrong? Maybe it’s not a feminist issue at all. It could just have to do with bad taste, poor judgement and questionable behavior. Maybe feminism has nothing to do with empowerment, integrity, strength, courage, respect or class. Or maybe it has everything to do with it.

I can’t help but think that there is something obliviously missing. It’s a social trend that is driven by insecurity fueled by likes; approved under the guise of acceptance and 'hash tagged' with a blissful dose of ignorance. #happyyyyyyyy :)

Have we become this shallow? The thirst for instant gratification is powerful. Is it worth losing touch with ourselves? When did social media become the new standard of approval and validation of our worth?

I’m the last person to tell anyone where their moral compass should be pointing. I’m also not the internet police; and I’m probably the last person qualified speaking on behalf of women and their rights. But I will say...

Women of the world, to someone you are a mother, daughter, sister, wife, partner, aunt, grandmother, girlfriend, friend, hero and ultimately; you are cherished. You bring life into this world, you are mighty.

Take into deepest consideration this. The next time you post an image of yourself online; know that the world is watching and viciously judgmental. Be kind and respectful to yourself when you share your beauty with the rest of us. The messages you send out are powerful. Empower them with all your might.

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