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Instructional info


In the beginning


This is often the most challenging but exciting time for an aspiring guitarist. Whether you've just started or have a couple tunes under your belt, this is the time to learn the vital fundementals


  • Chords 1  

  • Sight reading 1

  • Scales  (Improvisation 1)

  • Technique 1 & 2

  • Theory 1 & 2


Learning the basics can be boring, but with Danny's unique teaching style, learning the basics has never been more exciting.



Making sense


Bring your playing to the next level. Whether it's to further your education or to turn some heads, this will definitely impress your friends. 


  •  Chords 2

  • Scales/Modes (Improvisation 2)

  • Ear training

  • Theory 3

  • Sitght reading 2

  • Technique 3


Putting in the time can be challenging but you will quickly learn that it is extremely rewarding.  This course will set you apart from the novice guitar player and bring you to the next level of play. 


Master class

Breaking through


You have mastered the guitar so what else is there to learn? In Master Class ​the main focus is YOU.  In this level of playing, concepts become more philosophical.  Music is an empty canvas with limitless options.


  • Composition

  • Song treatment 

  • Music style & structure

  • Master analytics

  • Listening 

  • Stage & performance


To be an artist is a never ending journey.  It's here where it all begins. How far you take it is up to you.  




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